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Careers at Tech MEP

Tech Mep offers unified approach to fulfill a magnitude of Services, specific for requirements of each Project withproven ability to meet these requirements within pre-established financial and time limits. We pride ourselves on offering our customers the professionalism of a national service, with the care and knowledge of local expertise. We are proud to offer you a full 24 hour emergency response across the AP to residential, commercial and industrial premises. You can call us direct or book online.


1. The ideal Candidate should have exposure in working of MEP services as Supervisor & Foreman
2. Minimum 5- 10 years Experience in related field of specifications.
3. Strong Team leadership and Management Skills.
4. Ability to work under pressure and flexibility to work long hours, if situation demands.
5. Ability to work in a collaborative and diverse team environment.

Our Values
We services system is a process beginning with ideas translated into Plans, which are then carefully divided, allocated and coordinated.

Complete Residental Works
LPG AirConditioning Heating Fire Fighting Ventilation Lifts/Esclation
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