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Safety Fire Fighting

We offer a large range of security measures that are designed to both protect your home and your family, and can be tailored for any budget. Whether it’s security bars or grilles, an alarm system, external security lights, access control or CCTV, whatever you want to protect in your home, we can install it, and maintain it.

All of our specialists are trained to a high standard and Police vetted, and work within strict health and safety working practices. This means that we not only help to protect your home after we leave but whilst we are working there. We can help you feel reassured you are doing all you can to protect your home and your family.

Area of Execution & Services Offered

»  Site Access
»  Fire Detection and Alarm System
»  Emergency Lighting System
»  Dry Risers, Wet Risers, Inlet Breechings, and Landing Valves etc.
»  Fire Fighting Shafts and Lifts
»  First Aid Fire Fighting Equipment including hose reels (if provided/ required)
»  Staircase Ventilation
»  Sprinklers Systems (if provided)
»  Participation in fire safety Instruction and drills/ evacuation procedures and information to tenants
»  Security systems on access doors
»  Control of common areas, (No colonisation or storage etc.)
»  Management of & maintenance of furniture and equipment in community facilities
»  Measures to control opportunistic illegal parking that may hinder access
»  Control of deliveries and delivery vehicles
»  Maintenance of Signposting and Way-finding measures to assist fire fighting
»  Maintenance and signposting Hydrants and Water Supplies
»  Fire safe management of waste disposal
»  »  Control of New Works, e.g.: extensions, material alterations etc.
»  Managing the responsibility of other tenancies (e.g. retail units, offices etc.)
»  Special provisions: e.g. smoke control systems etc.
»  Access to apartments for fire safety maintenance
»  Periodic auditing and reporting of fire safety management issues and the keeping of a suitable fire safety logbook »  Maintenance of Fire Safety Certificate Application Documentation, for reference of management agents/ inspection by tenants etc.

Complete Residental Works
LPG AirConditioning Heating Fire Fighting Ventilation Lifts/Esclation
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